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Giving and working to help others is really important to
me and my family.  When my dad, Sam Ko, died of
cancer, my family built a scholarship program for
dancers to help them live their dreams, in his honor.  It's
called the
ASPIRE Scholarship Program and my mom
runs it.  But really, all of my family helps, especially my
Auntie Kristin and my cousins, Ashleigh and Alissa, and
even my grandma.  So far, the following dancers have
received college scholarships through the ASPIRE

Allison Crowl, Marymount Manhattan College
Tasha Petersen, ODC, San Francisco
Lexi Robson, Oklahoma City University
Alyssa Alden, California Institute of the Arts
Shelby Alden, California Institute of the Arts

ASPIRE has also given more than 50 other dancers
professional level dance training at The University of
Iowa with Ballet Master George de la Pena.

AND, the following dancers received a scholarship to
travel to NYC with their parent/guardian to take a week
of dance classes at Steps on Broadway
Courtney Bavender, Creative Movement Dance Co.
Maren Clemsen, Affect Dance Company
Jessica Jennings, Above the Barre
Abbie Martin, School of Classical Ballet
Claire Reisen, Above the Barre
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my dad would want me to do that for all of the people who need that sort of